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Updated in real-time · Friday, October 28, 2016

Best Practices and Emerging Standards in Digital Signage

Digital signage is well on its way of becoming a new mainstream medium that bridges the last 10 feet between other forms of advertising and the consumer . It is a medium whose efficiency will eventually be fully measured by a variety of metrics, from impressions to direct return on investment (cost-per-action and cost-per-transaction). However, today the initial lack of of digital signage standards metrics and measurement technologies makes it difficult to sell Digital signage ad space to advertisers via traditional ad agencies and media buying houses.

Several trade organizations and media measurement companies are now working to establish best practices, guidelines and standards that will facilitate planning, buying and reporting on digital signage campaigns.

Global Guidelines for Out-of-Home Audience Measurement from ESOMAR

DPAA Audience Metrics Guidelines

DPAA Standard Advertising Unit

DSF Seal of Professional Excellence® (SPE)

Proof of Performance of Digital Signage (Digital Place-based) Advertising  Best Practices

How to Sell Your Digital Signage Network Ad Space to Media Buyers: Best Practices for RFP Responses to OOH Planners and Buyers by DPAA

US Digital Billboard-related Regulations ans Traffic Safety Studies by Signage Foundation Inc.

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